AMERICAN SPIRIT 2021  30 - 31 


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American Spirit 2020 Me and My Car

A car holds a special place in people’s lives – for some of us it is only a means of transportation, while others see it as an integral part of their live, a hobby, means of work, their prized possession or a way to spend free time. In some cases, a car can become a place to live.

We invite you to participate in “Me and My Car” competition and show us the strong bond between you and your car. We will evaluate your creativity, elegance and artistry.

The competition will take place on 1 August 2020 (Saturday) from 2 PM to 4 PM at the Winter Stadium of Palanga City, located at address Vytauto g. 16, Palanga.

When registering at the place of event we request you to inform us that you are planning to participate in “Me and My Car” competition.

The participants of the competition will be invited to present themselves. The jury will evaluate the participants by giving the scores. If more than one participant has the same score, the winner will be selected by the spectators of the competition on a first come, first served basis. The winner will be announced at approximately 7:30 PM (after the Best of Show awards). The winners will receive exceptional prizes!

Evaluation criteria:

The whole look/exceptionality of the car/motorcycle: 1-10 points

The look, clothes of the team: 1-10 points

How the team’s style matches the style of the car: 1-10 points

The team presentation: 1-10 points.

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