AMERICAN SPIRIT 2021  30 - 31 


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American Spirit 2020 Poker Run

One of the more exciting event for the participants of American Spirit 2020 will be „Poker Run“ on Friday.

“Poker Run” is an orienteering ride Palanga – Ventė Cape (Lith. Ventės ragas) with elements of Poker game. At the start the participants shall receive a list with rules and addresses, these addresses shall contain points, at some points participants will draw one card and will complete tasks. After the finish, the organisers will calculate the card combinations collected according to the rules of Poker. The best combination shall win. Also the additional points shall be collected for completed tasks. The game is not complicated, but exciting and fun. Participants do not need special equipment. It is enough to have a regular GPS navigator and/or a smartphone and to use the navigation installed on the smartphone and take photos. Poker Run starts on 31 July at 12:00 p.m. at Palanga Winter stadium. Preliminary route: Palanga – Ventė Cape. The duration of the route is about 2 hours to one side. Although the Poker run is optional, we do recommend the participants to take the opportunity to gamble and visit interesting places of seaside and lagoon.

The number of participants is limited to 20 crews of cars and 5 groups of motorcycle in the Poker Run. Those wishing to participate in the Poker Run shall indicate this during the registration. If the maximum number of crews and groups will not form during the registration, it will be possible to join to the Poker Run on the day of the event.

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