25/28 July 2024
3 days - 3 nights

Kalba - Language

American Spirit 2024 Grand Parade - Cruise

Druskininkai City Hall has granted us a truly unique opportunity to roam the city uninterrupted in a grand procession for a whopping two hours! We're talking about a parade that's longer than your favorite movie!

🛣️ **Route Highlights:** You can expect to cruise in style all the way to the end of the parade route, and it's a leisurely journey, concluding at 18:00.

🚗 **Cruise Code of Conduct:** Here are the nifty rules for this year's American Spirit Great Parade - Cruise:

🗓️ **Cruise Date and Time:** The grand cruise will unfold on a serene Saturday from 16:00 to 18:00. Mark your calendars for a splendid ride through the heart of Druskininkai!

🚘 **All Aboard:** We're rolling out the red carpet for all American Spirit participant vehicles. Everyone's invited to join in the fun!

📜 **Documentation Matters:** Ensure your vehicle flaunts the AS participant pass, prominently displayed on the inside of the front windshield. It's like your golden ticket to Great parade - cruise paradise!

👋 **Cruise Companions:** During the voyage, you'll have access to several cruise hosts. Listen to their guidance; they're like the cruise conductors ensuring everything runs smoothly. Failure to comply with their instructions might lead to the unfortunate loss of your participant pass and an abrupt exit from the American Spirit festival.

🚔 **Special Rules Apply:** This cruise has the blessings of the city council and the police, so it comes with some special rules. Drivers and passengers, we kindly recommend acquainting yourselves with the instructions provided. The organizers and the police are on a mission to guarantee a trouble-free cruise, but not following the rules might lead to some not-so-fun consequences.

🚗 **Common Sense and Road Rules:** The usual road etiquette applies, so please don't forget your manners.

🏎️ **Max Speed Limit:** We've set a blistering speed limit of 30 km/h. Buckle up and enjoy the leisurely ride!

🚫 **No Rooftop Adventures:** Riding on the hood, roof, trunk, or perching on the rear seat's backrest is strictly off the menu.

👫 **Seat for Everyone:** Remember, every person in the car must have a designated seat. No human stacking!

🚗 **Driver's Duty:** The driver is the captain of this cruise ship, responsible for both passengers and cargo.

🔥 **No Burnouts Allowed:** Sorry, tire-squealing enthusiasts, but "burnout" stunts are a no-go. Engage in such shenanigans, and you'll swiftly find yourself disembarking from the cruise, with your American Spirit pass revoked.

🚚 **No Caravans or Trailers:** This isn't a camping trip, so leave the caravans and trailers at home. They won't be joining the cruise party.

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