25/28 July 2024
3 days - 3 nights

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American Spirit 2023 Numbers

Let's delve into some official American Spirit 2023 numbers:
First time after 15 years in Palanga we moved to new place - Druskininkai airfield.
We had the participation of:
231 crews from 8 countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Finland, Norway, Israel, and the USA,
Representing 18 different car clubs.
First time we had not only cars and motircycles but and small aircraft representers - Kupiskis aeroclub with own planes.

At this moment, American Spirit 2023 stands as the most massive event we've organized to date. Previously, the largest was American Spirit 2022 with 186 crews.

A heartfelt thank you to all the participants who entrusted us with their precious time! Together, we're crafting what is perhaps the friendliest auto festival in Lithuania.

We eagerly await everyone in 2024! Next year, we're going bigger—3 days and 3 nights (from Thursday to Saturday, with a dash of Sunday for farewells).

Let's aim for 300 crews in 2024! Together, we create the most horsepower-packed and joy-infused auto festival in Lithuania! 🚗🎉


American Spirit 2024

Today is an important day for us! 🎉

Just a week ago we launched the 16th American Spirit! And guess what? This time we decided to change things up and hold the festival not in Palanga, but in the beautiful town of Druskininkai. And let me tell you, it was a great choice!

Druskininkai Aerodrome is the perfect location for our great American Car Festival. The mood was amazing and we had a great time during the whole event! So here's the big announcement - we're coming back to Druskininkai in July 2024 with an even bigger festival!

Next year we have exciting plans - the festival will be three days long! Yes, you heard right - three full days and three fabulous nights from Thursday to Saturday, with Sunday reserved for hot goodbyes. 😎

American Spirit 2023 online registration is closed

Online registration is now closed, but you can register on arrival at the event.
Please note that the cost for registering on the day of the event is 70eu per person.
Also, registering on the day of the event does not guarantee a full event souvenir package.

Miss American Spirit Pin-up

Calling all the beautiful American Spirit girls!
We have exciting news for you! After many requests, we are happy to announce that the Pin-Up Contest has been added to the main American Spirit 2023 programme. This is your chance to show off your style, grace and stunning retro-inspired looks. Let's bring back the glamour of the golden era and have fun!
The Pin-Up Contest will take place on 29 July at 18.30 on the main stage. Both registered participants and spectators will be able to join in the fun. The only requirement is to dress in pin-up style. It's time to unleash your inner pin-up and compete for the coveted title of Miss American Spirit Pin-Up. The winner will not only receive fabulous prizes, but will also become the symbol of American Spirit 2024. And that's not all! Immediately after the announcement of the Best American Spirit 2023 car, the Miss Pin-Up winner and the Best Of The Best car will be immortalised in a fantastic photo-shoot. Get ready to pose and create unforgettable memories!
So mark your calendars for 28-29 July and get ready for an unforgettable American Spirit 2023 weekend in Druskininkai. Don't forget to visit our website for more information and to get started on your pin-up adventure!
Remember, this is not just a festival, but a celebration of American cars and the vibrant culture that surrounds them. Let's make it a truly memorable experience together! Spread the word, tag your fellow pin-up enthusiasts and let's show the world what American Spirit is all about. See you later, girls!

Custom Culture Garage

Attention all custom culture artists!
Are you a talented creator in the world of custom craftsmanship? We have an exciting opportunity for you at "American Spirit 2023"!
We are offering free stand places for custom culture artists in our exclusive"Custom Culture Garage" pavilion.
Join an impressive lineup of talented artists who have already securedtheir spots in the pavilion:
1. Marco ”Platu” Planting - The Father of Custom Culture from Finland
2. Jarmo Nuutre - Custom Culture enthusiast from Estonia
3. Erik Gembey Jewelry - Our resident artist showcasing unique custom creations
If you're passionate about custom culture and want to showcase your unique creations alongside these renowned artists, this is your chance!
Join us at "American Spirit 2023" and be part of our vibrant community of artists.
To secure your spot in the "Custom Culture Garage" pavilion, simply email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'll make sure to reserve a place for you to exhibit your extraordinary talent.
Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to connect with fellowartists and enthusiasts in the world of custom culture.
Let your creativity shine at "American Spirit 2023"!

Table football

A seemingly simple game that children can play. And everyone else - parents, seasoned football fans, motorcycle enthusiasts and professionals of all kinds. And how much passion this game generates! 

Table football - 16 teams. We invite you to participate actively during the event. The competition is easy and the prize is mighty 😊 We invite you to register at the table football table. It's going to be a fierce battle. Only one team out of 16 will win - the best team.

Registration for table football, outdoor table football and mechanics competitions takes place in the REGISTRATION TENT.

Registration 2023


🚗🎉 Registration is NOW OPEN for American Spirit 2023! 🎊

Calling all American car lovers! Join us for the ultimate automotive extravaganza that you simply can't afford to miss. Here's why participating in American Spirit is an absolute must:

1️⃣ Show Off Your Ride: Display your prized American car and let it shine among a stunning collection of classic muscle cars, hot rods, and more. It's the perfect opportunity to showcase your passion and share your love for American automotive culture.

2️⃣ Exclusive American Spirit License Plate: Be one of the first 200 registrants and receive a special American Spirit license plate with your participant number. Show off your dedication and become part of the American Spirit family in style!

3️⃣ Connect with Fellow Enthusiasts: Immerse yourself in a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for American cars. Forge new friendships, swap stories, and celebrate the beauty of these iconic vehicles together.

4️⃣ Thrilling Competitions: Test your skills and compete in adrenaline-pumping contests. Take home bragging rights and show everyone why your car is a force to be reckoned with.

5️⃣ Unforgettable Memories: From live music performances to jaw-dropping car exhibitions, American Spirit offers an unforgettable experience for participants of all ages. Create lasting memories, enjoy delicious food, and soak up the electric atmosphere that only American Spirit can deliver.

🏁 Don't miss your chance to be part of the American Spirit legacy. Secure your spot now and join us for a weekend filled with horsepower, camaraderie, and pure automotive excitement!

📢 Hurry, limited spots available! Register here:

Concert by Stano

Stano will rock the American Spirit 2023 Friday night party!

Will Stano be at American Spirit 2023? Yes! Double this year 🙂

One of Stano's regular roles is that of an American Spirit participant. Stano is a loyal fan of American cars and owner of exclusive American cars. That's why he has become a regular participant of American Spirit. 

The second role - Stano is a legend of the Lithuanian POP scene. That's why, thanks to his very successful performance at American Spirit 2021, Stano has agreed to perform again this year!

Let's get ready to party with Stano at Friday's American Spirit party!!!!

AS 2023 flight by plane, helicopter

A unique experience - a flight in a plane, a helicopter, or even a plane and a helicopter!

Have you ever seen your car from above? Have you ever seen more than half a hundred and fifty exclusive American cars in one place from the sky? Only during this American Spirit 2023 will you have the opportunity to fly and see for an extra fee. 

During the flight, a professional instructor pilot will give you an introduction to the helicopter or airplane and its intricacies. A memorable flight will take you away from everyday life for a short while and make you feel free from worries.

A great opportunity for those who want to get to know a helicopter or an aeroplane and see the beautiful car-decorated landscape of Druskininkai!

Ladies cruise

Only women drive!

On Friday night at 21:30, women are invited to get behind the wheel of spectacular American cars and take to the streets of Druskininkai. We will ask all participants to accompany the women with the thunderous roar of their engines. Press the accelerator all the way down - this is the cry of the soul of American Spirit!

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