25/28 July 2024
3 days - 3 nights

Kalba - Language

🚗 American Spirit 2024: "Me and My car" – Show Off in Style! 🏆

📢 Coming Soon: Get ready to strut your stuff and show off your beloved ride at "Me adn My car" competition in American Spirit 2024. The exact date and time for this showdown of automotive elegance will be revealed in the future – stay tuned!

🤩 Unleash Your Creativity: This contest is your chance to shine and prove just how tight-knit your bond is with your car. We'll be judging creativity, elegance, artistry, and all the quirks that make your vehicle one-of-a-kind at this event.

🚗 Roll In Style: When you arrive at the event, make sure to let us know you're ready to take on the "Me adn My car" challenge. Participants will be invited to showcase their American cars in all their glory. Our panel of judges will rate participants, and the winner will be determined based on the highest average score. In case of a tie, it's up to the "live queue" of spectators to pick the champ!

🎁 Prizes Galore: Not only will winners receive exclusive prizes, but they'll also be in for a truckload of surprises and delightful moments. We'll be evaluating the overall appearance and uniqueness of participants' cars and bikes, their crew's attire, the harmony between the vehicle and its crew's style, and their presentation and artistic flair.

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